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Glove Sizing Information

Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Correct Size for Gloves

Finding the correct size can be hard, so we have created a comprehensive guide that will help you to determine what size will fit your hand.

Our glove sizing guide is specific to Australia, however we have also converted the measurements to inches, so it is relevant all over the world.

How do I find my glove size?

This guide will show you how to easily measure hands for each different type of glove.
Depending on the task at hand and the type of glove having correctly sized glove can have extraordinary benefits, helping the glove function as it was designed.

The glove technologies that require accurate glove fitting are:

Touch Screen Technology – This has advanced fabrics on the thumb and index finger tips. You’re skin must be pressing against the fabric to conduct correctly.

Anti Glove-Hand Movement – Correctly sized gloves move precisely in sync with your wrists, hands and fingers. And do not twist, bunch up, ride up or slip.

Ergonomic Comfort – During forceful work a too tight of a glove creates a painful experience as the gloves wedges and pushes inbetween the fingers.
Too loose of a glove creates a bunching and rubbing irritation on the skin where the fingers, hand and wrist bend.

Compressible Nitrile Coatings – The best grip comes with fine textures and nitrile rubbers that compress, giving you the advantage of extra strength and grip. The correctly sized glove will avoid bunching and movement of glove and you will be able to compress the gloves palm as a second skin.

Fingertip Dexterity – Making sure your fingers reach and fill the end of the gloves comfortably means that you can pick with your finger tips without any hassle.

Disposable Glove Size Table Guide

Due to the strength of nitrile and its elongation rating, disposable gloves usually have a good range of fitment between sizes.

Generally a technical user can opt for one size smaller than what’s listed in the guide for extra senstive and accurate fingertips.

Glove SizeUser’s Palm Width (mm)User’s Palm Width USA (Inches)
Extra Small65 – 72
Small72 – 802.5 – 2.8
Medium80 – 922.8 – 3.1
Large92 – 1003.1 – 3.6
Extra Large100 – 1133.6 – 3.9
XX Large113 – 1233.9 – 4.4

Non-Disposable/Reusable Glove Size Table Guide

The performance and comfort of a non-disposable glove is fairly dependant on the correct fitment, and the range for each size is determined by the manufactures choice of fabrics and its elasticity.

Glove SizeUser’s Palm Width (mm)User’s Palm Width USA (Inches)
Extra Small —
Small68 – 782.7 – 3.1
Medium78 – 903.1 – 3.5
Large90 – 993.5 – 3.9
Extra Large99 – 1093.9 – 4.3
XX Large109 – 1194.3 – 4.7

How to Measure a Hand for a Glove

Hands should be measured as shown in the diagram. Measure across the widest part of the palm but do not include the thumb for the most accurate glove sizing.

Instructions for measuring a hand to find the correct glove sizing.

Please Note:
This article has been re-shared with permission from The Glove Company.