KOMODO® Dragon Skin® Needle Stick Resistant Gloves

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What is Dragon Skin?

Dragon Skin Branded Armour Plating is a super strong hexagonal plate structure that is designed to deflect needle stick and puncture hazards. The Dragon Skin Armour Plating is layered 3 times, to create maximum puncture resistance.


KOMODO Dragon Skin Needle Stick Resistant Gloves are designed for picking up, cleaning or disposal of hypodermic needle stick hazards. The gloves help prevent needle stick injury, as the last form of hazard control.

Offering more dexterity than any other needle stick resistant glove, the KOMODO Dragon Skin Needle Stick Resistant gloves, are less bulky and more flexible than traditional Needle Stick Resistant Gloves. More dexterity allows users better hand control when picking up hypodermic needles, rapidly decreasing the risk of needle stick puncture.

The secret to the KOMODO Needle Stick gloves resistance is the 3 interconnected layers of engineered Dragon Skin branded armour plating that is sewn inside the glove on the palm.


• Removing and disposing of used needles in a controlled and safe manner.
• Where extreme puncture rating on the inside of the hand is required. (This glove is NOT rated for impact protection due to its flexible back).



• Certified and Independently Tested in Australia.
• 3 Interconnected Layers of Engineered Dragon Skin® Branded Armour Plating.
• Needle Stick Resistant Certification ASTM – F2878-10 for protection against 21 Gauge Hypodermic Needle to 6Nm of Force.
• Natural Rubber and Wrinkle Grip.
• Breathable and Flexible Back of Hand.
• European Standards Rating for Mechanical Hazards – EN388:2016 4544BX


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Before touching needle stick hazards, check and follow your organisation’s needle stick injury procedure in case of accidental needle stick injury.

These gloves are cut & puncture resistant but NOT cut and puncture PROOF.


Dragon Skin Armour Plating is only found on the palm of the glove. It does NOT curve around the fingertips, nor is it found in the web between fingers.

Always conduct a safe test to make sure it is suited for your use.


These gloves are only available in Australia and New Zealand. Not to be sold, used, imported or distributed in any country outside of Australia or New Zealand.

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2 reviews for KOMODO® Dragon Skin® Needle Stick Resistant Gloves

  1. tara lanz (verified owner)

    Wonderful gloves. Comfortable to use

  2. Greg C. (verified owner)

    Just what I needed

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