TradeMasters Tough Industry Gloves

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A comfortable, breathable glove with rugged, strong, tough polyurethane fore-hand, great for taking on plumbing, electrics, fitting and sheet metal jobs.

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[raw]TradeMaster non-disposable Gloves

Wearable, Flexable, Trade-cut rated Glove
A Cool, Grippy, Washable, Tough but Flexible Construction.

About TradeMasters
TradeMasters 4142 material handling gloves comes with all the features of a top spec cut tested glove for a lower price.

Featuring a reliable yarn of spandex and nylon and coated with tough polyurethane, these gloves are lightweight, comfortable, highly flexible yet cool to wear even in Australia’s rough conditions.

The polyurethane fore-hand assures grip in either wet or dry conditions, even with lubricants, oil and other hydrocarbons the tough polyurethane coating will easily handle almost any environment where a tough but flexible glove is required.

+Plus you can be sure that these gloves really do meet the grade, what other light weight cut rated glove has an Australian testing certificate meeting EN 388 4142 backing it up?

Trade in Australia.

• Automotive
• Electricians
• Metal Workers
• General Industry
• Conservation/ Landcare
• Wood workers

Super Tough blend of spandex and nylon.
PU coated palms
• High grip levels wet and dry
• Lightweight and cool to wear over long periods
• Fully washable
Australian certified to EN 388;4142
• Available in Black and Grey
• Small, Medium, large and X large




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