Voltage Rubber Dielectric Glove (Class 0) 1000V AC rms – With INDEPENDENT TESTING

$169.00 inc GST

Class 0 Rubber Dielectric Gloves – Maximum Use 1000V AC rms.
Experience innovative protection with the first Rubber Dielectric Gloves to boast Textured Grippy Palms & Fingers!

Sold with Independent Testing Included in the price. LEAD TIME OF 2-3 Weeks from date of order.  Once you place your order, we organise to send the gloves away for testing and certification, once we receive them back we will ship them and the testing certificate to you.

  • Designed for use on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Reinforces grip in dry, wet, or greasy environments with raised texture
  • Tested in accordance with standard IEC 60903: 2014
  • Certified and independently tested in Australia to AS 60903:2022
  • Resistant to Acid, Ozone & Low Temperatures (Category AZC)
  • Hi-vis Orange Colour ensures the wearer is easy to spot in emergencies
  • Manufactured with premium quality rubber for extended comfort
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